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An Author with A Message of Joy

There are many books, both on the shelves of those few remaining brick and mortar bookstores to the always growing online options such as ebooks. What hasn't changed, fortunately, is the great talent like the best selling author Sandra Reese Jolla, or the many messages these talented writers offer readers. While one author may deliver a message of escape or fantasy or yet another a message of fiction and lore, the message at Joy 4 Life Ministry is a simple one, and it is real.

Joy 4 Life Ministry, founded by author Sandra Reese Jolla, is not only a platform for the best selling author to the first-time novelist it is, more importantly, a place to find inspiration, hope, and encouragement. From the reading materials to the novelties and apparel, there are a variety of mediums used to reach, touch, and help people at Joy 4 Life Ministry.

With hands raised and heads bowed, we give thanks for His Mercy, His grace, and His great Love. And we hope through our ministry that you might find the Joy of the Lord, a string of inspiration from the touch of His garment or the encouragement in His presence that you need. Thank you for stopping by Joy 4 Life Ministry, and we are here for you and to spread His message of joy. If you need help finding anything or if you have any questions, just contact us, and we will joyfully offer our help.

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