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When the Lord calls people into some type of ministry, it doesn't take long to realize that it is only in answering that call that we find contentment, meaning, and joy. As a consultant to others seeking encouragement or inspiration, it is always in His direction I point because I know that in Him we find our purpose and His plan for our lives. That is what the joy of ministry is, at least part of it.

There is another joy in ministry that comes in the face of those that He helps, and those moments He graciously shares with us by willingly allowing us to carry His word, His truth, and His love to others. And then, in those moments, when inspiration, or encouragement... or joy finds their eyes, that is a joy that ministry offers that is paid in full. As a type of consultant in the work of His joy, having a front-row seat to watching Him touch someone is priceless.

Welcome to Joy 4 Life Ministry, and we hope that you find a word of strength, a message of encouragement, or something that brings you a piece of joy while you are here, and we do hope you come back. If you have any questions, need more information, or help with anything then contact us and it will be our joy and pleasure to help.

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