The Greater Reward for All of Us

There is typically some type of reward when we succeed in various endeavors. When people embark on educational pursuits, they are rewarded with diplomas, certifications, or degrees when they succeed, and that often leads to even greater rewards in the job market. It is also nice to know that when we do the right thing and when we follow our Lord, that we get a reward, but it is much greater than anything under heaven.

At Joy 4 Life Ministry, we want to help people experience the joy of the Lord, the joy of this life He has given us, and the joy of doing His will. We also believe that this is our calling and our ministry, and we know there is a reward for helping others and following Him. The most beautiful thing about our ministry is that we don't do it because we want rewards, we do it because we are called to do it, it is our ministry and that is our joy. The rewards, well that is just evidence of His abundance and love for us. Imagine, getting rewarded for doing something you love to do? Yes, there is joy in following Him. All of our gifts, our joyful jewels, motivational manuals, or bling inspirational shirts are meant to bring you some sense and form of inspiration, encouragement, or joy.

Contact us if you need any help, if you are looking for something, have questions or if you need help with an order, or for any reason really - because we are here for you. May the Joy of the Lord be your strength this day and always, and please come back soon. We are Joy 4 Life Ministry and that is His will for all of us too.

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"The Joy of the Lord is my strength"

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